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Terminations unfortunately are a part of economic reality. It is crucial for companies to navigate this process with a great deal of respect. By Outplacement, we mean a humane, responsible, socially acceptable, and appreciative approach to separating employees, while working to develop new perspectives for those affected. The goal is for both parties – the company and the employee – to benefit from this process.

Avoidance of legal dispute


Good reasons to offer outplacement

  • Conflict-free separation discussions

  • Positive perception of the company among the existing staff through the assumption of social responsibility

  • Prevention of damage to the company's image

  • Professional and individual support for professional reorientation

  • Personal and human guidance during a challenging transitional phase

  • Consultation and assistance with all job application activities

  • Outplacement also provides employers with opportunities in employer branding



Outplacement process overview


  • Psychosocial support

  • Assessment of the current personal and professional status

  • Development of perspectives and definition of goals

  • Establishment and implementation of a job application strategy

  • Preparation for interviews

  • Strengths-focused counseling and solution-oriented coaching

  • Outplacement is not just job placement; it offers professional preparation for job searching, thereby improving chances in the competition for available positions."

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