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We operate throughout Austria with a focus on Vienna. If you would like to talk to us about your needs, we would be happy to do so for your contact!



Office Vienna:

Böcklinsstrasse 78/17
1020 Vienna
Tel +43 (0)720 116 090


Elias Hügelgasse 10
2462 Bruckneudorf
Tel +43 (0)720 116 090

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Anima Grex, Managing Director: Jorg Brueren. Trade license for management consulting including business organization in accordance with Section 94 Z 74 GewO 1994, employment services in accordance with Section 94 Z 1 GewO 1994 and hiring out of workers in accordance with Section 94 Z 72 GewO 1994. We work exclusively on the basis of our currently valid General Terms and Conditions. The responsible court for all legal matters is the Eisenstadt Regional Court.

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